Marjolein Evers
The Netherlands
Amazing diving, beautiful island of Arborek, great people!

Future volunteers wont regret doing this project. The dives are unbelievable, lectures very interesting, and the island is a picture perfect paradise. But do keep in mind it is also remote and basic, so prepare yourself for basic facilities and food and enjoy your trip!

Duncan Lewis
United Kingdom
Such an excellent experience!

I have too many favorite moments to count - I loved every second I was there! The people were amazing, the diving was amazing and the location was incredible.


Eva Natcheva
United Kingdom
The Whole experience was simply stunning!

Picking my favorite moment is a big challenge as this experience seems to create too many amazing memories! I guess I will never forget the first time I was surrounded by gorgeous oceanic mantas gracefully "flying" above me or the stunning underwater world which surrounds Arborek. I was permanently impressed by the fact every time we got in the water by the Barefoot Jetty or main jetty even snorkeling we kept finding stunning creatures like wobbegong or walking sharks, black tips, turtles, bumphead parrot fish in big school, nudis and many many other fascinating creatures!

Evelyne Raetz
The whole experience of living on an island.

I will never forget the laugh of the island children when watching Jumanji! The children got so excited when we taught them English in the schools. The while experience of living on a remote island with fantastic scenery and great people was unforgettable.

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